About Us

Fatima Academy is situated in St. Bride’s, Newfoundland. The school opened its doors in 1968 as a junior/senior high school named Fatima Central High. It was renamed Fatima Academy in 1994 when it became a K-12 school serving the educational needs of all of the communities of the Cape Shore. Throughout the years, Fatima has maintained a reputation for educational excellence that has earned the school a place of recognition not just locally, but also on the provincial and national stage.

At present, Fatima is home to 34 students from Kindergarten to grade 12, and serves the communities of St. Bride’s, Branch, Point Lance, and Cuslett.

In today’s technologically advanced world, Fatima Academy remains on the cutting edge of change, implementing classroom practices that continually enhance teaching and learning, providing the necessary skills that enable students to thrive and be successful, and equipping them with the tools necessary for life-long learning.

Believing that excellence is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, skillful execution, and shared vision, Fatima Academy will face the future with innovation and determination.

9 MAIN STREET, ST. BRIDE’S, NL, A0B 2Z0, PHONE: (709) 337-2500, FAX: (709) 337-2042

Mission Statement:

Fatima Academy aspires to building a highly motivated school community that has high standards and recognizes the importance of continuous improvements to teaching and learning.


Fatima Academy is committed to continuous growth as a dynamic, student-centered learning community that respects and recognizes the potential and worth of the individual. We promote a strong academic focus, recognize accomplishments, and celebrate success. We value a collaborative and nurturing environment that ensures sustainability by embracing meaningful change.